Best settings for fuji F10

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Re: Best settings for fuji F10

4. Night time with bulb light indoors

Use 'natural light' mode. For some incandescent bulbs, may need
whitebalance on incadescent. ISO 200 for directly lit surfaces,
otherwise 400, may need 800 for darker areas. Use of any zoom will
force ISO higher, or else get into tripod land.

And how do you set white balance in Natural Light mode? I use Custom White Balance (sice I carry a small white piece of paper in my camera case) and manually set ISO to 800 or 1600. And if flash is not an issue, I shoot at ISO 80 with flash and brighten the shadows in PS.

5. Macromode outdoors

As normal daylight, but watch for the highlights if sunny and the
auto-metering. Best to use spot metering I find, and hunt for the
right exposure level.

Chrome Color Mode sometimes helps with macro shots. Especially when shooting flowers.

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