20D - improved Katz Eye focsuing screen - Part 1/1

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Re: I can

jrsforums wrote:

Well, I don't know if I'd go that far...Canon lenses still have
advantages. I just had my 20D and all lense recalibrated by
Canon...and they did a superb job. But we know, that sometimes the
AF, even with center spot and definately in muti-AF spot, will not
always focus in on what WE want to be the "subject".

With my newly installed Katz Eye screen, it is easily apparent and
quickly, manually correctable.

I'm certainly not gonna toss my Canon lenses now that I have 'em. They're very good and some are excellent. I love the new 60mm macro for instance. But seriously I doubt I'd have bought any had Canon offered a split-image screen for the 10D. On my next photo trip with the 20D I'll be taking Pentax 17, 24, 55 & 135mm S-M-C Takumars. These are lenses I've been using for ages, on a variety of SLRs, and am very comfortable with. Combined they cost me less than US$500 too, and probably half of that was for the 24mm alone.

The new screen is indeed great for correcting AF hiccups. OTOH I've been impressed by how accurate AF is most of the time (this simply bears out my experience pre-Katz Eye).


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