Sigma SD10 VS Kodak 14N Image quality?

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Re: IR on SD10...

Hi and thanks for the info

I've ordered a Cokin filter as Joe suggests to try with my Kodak/D100 and other cameras.

If I like the results, the SD10 is at a tempting price at the moment...

spm wrote:

Joseph S. Wisniewski wrote:

DMillier wrote:

Hi Joe

Can you elaborate on this?

Once you have removed the dust filter what else do you have to do
to get infra red shots? I've been meaning to shoot black & white IR
for some time as I rather like the ethereal look...

Just put a common IR filter over the lens, and adjust focus
slightly to compensate for the typical short focus of most lenses
with IR.

I like the Cokin 007 IR filter, in a Cokin P frame, with a couple
of sections of Cokin modular lens hood. The filter slides in and
out of the frame quickly, so you can compose without the filter,
then slide it in, tweek the focus, and shoot.

Just want to add to Joe's comment is that I also taken auto focus
and handheld with some of not too strong cut off. Like b+w 091
(630nm cut off) and have much fun with it, I do this when I am
unable to set up with tripod ect...but when I have time the b+w 093
is my favorite, since that ethereal contrast of the white of the
foliage and black sky are so intense.
Also when using with Schot's UG-1 with only blocking the visible
spectrum, I was able to get blue sky with white foliage, which is
I have few samples that are all over my galleries:

this one handheld and auto focus

I hope your forum don't mind that I am barging in. It just when
someone have ir and sd10 in one sentence, I cannot resist.
'Life is too short...and flys by... if you let it
so decide what you want everyday... and go get it'

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