RAW is killing me!

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PSP9 + 350d raw files

benjilafouine wrote:

You are right. I had done my testing from the 300D (I have the two
models but I guess I had never tried with the 350D, my apologies).

So as I can see, it works only with the 300D. On PaintShop Pro web
site, it is mentioned compatibility with the 20D. Does the 20D
produce files like the 300D (.CRW) or the 350D (.CR2)?

Like I stated before, my own testing with the 300D between RAW and
JPG was not conclusive. There must be some advantage somewhere...

PSP9 can open Canon CR2 raw files, but not hose of 350D (RebelXT) -I hope PSP X will solve that.

Till then... I use RIT or RSE, convert to TIF and go with PSP9 -did you niticed how much we all use those short description capitals?

Actually I don't shoot raw much. If there is (or would be) oportunity to shoot "shot of my life" then I (would) choose RAW+JPG.

My pictures are my memories

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