RAW is killing me!

Started Aug 17, 2005 | Discussions thread
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a few suggestions....

Some suggestions for you:

1. Give DPP (Digital Photography Professional) a try.. free download from canon's website. I started with that, and it was an excellent program. On my old system (dual p3 800mhz), it takes a bit for the thumbnails to generate. But browsing is easy and there are PLENTY of editing options. New version even gives a cloning tool! I find this program far more complete than RSE. Not as snappy-quick, but interface is more intuitive.

2. You mentioned you had issues with ACR and CS2 concerning what a hog it is on your system. Again, my system is old, antiquated, but it runs "okay" here, once the programs are open. Simply open both bridge and CS2. Set your ACR options to open ACR through bridge, not CS2 (I think the options are in either bridge or acr, I forget).

3. For ACR, Bridge, and CS2 workflow tips, check out russel brown tips..

The guys a goofball, but entertaining enough to keep even my attention.

Good luck,

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