RAW is killing me!

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Re: A neccessary evil

I believe that you can see the color temperature the raw converter chooses to white balance your photo. You can use this suggestion, or choose others from the menu.


LordRorthorn wrote:

As a newbie I've had a play with a number of RAW workflows and like
the original poster, I've not found anything that is perfect for me.

I've used ZoomBrowser, DPP (Canon supplied), the Adobe route and
Capture PRO 3.7.

Each one has its own nice, but I've settle in Adobe for most
things. CS2 is certainly my tool of choice for editing pics and
doing alterations (such as selective contrast editing and noice
removal). I use ACR for most RAW conversation to TIFF as I find the
automatic settings it uses are the best (for me).

The only problem I have is I can't see the metadata, specifically
the white balance setting, in Camera RAW. All it says is As Shot,
and not what the camera was set to. It means I can never be sure
whether I need to adjust or not (I have a tendancy to forgot to set
the WB when shooting).

Lets hope someone produces some software that does it all.

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