RAW is killing me!

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Re: A neccessary evil

You must be doing something wrong if you claim that RAW images somehow contain more detail than the max quality JPegs from the camera - its simply not the case.

Granted, RAW gives a little more room of rescuing shots (5 stops vs about 3), but the difference in flexibility between RAW and JPEG is not that great.

I use the shadow/highlight option in Photoshop, together with levels, brightness/contrast/saturation adjustments - when working with JPEGS, and I've really found that is all I need. RAW did not offer me any more flexibility to be honest.

I don't often shoot VERY badly exposed shots, and I tend to meter carefully, check the histogram, and shoot multiple shots if required.

Oraculum wrote:

I have to say I had been singing the praises of the out of camera
jpg's... until this week.

I've been doing some testing and comparing and RAW is just so much
better. I took several shots of the other halves eye both as jpg
and raw, closeup, and there's no comparison. The clarity and
amount of detail you get from the raw really is noticable. And the
colour... where the jpg becomes patchy with lots of varied colour
in an image, the RAW displays them all superbly. It's a winner for

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