RAW is killing me!

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RAW is killing me!

After all these recent discussions on RAW I decided to 'have a dabble' myself... and I've got to say it has temporarily ruined my enthusiasm for photography.

I've tried Adobe's RAW convertor (with CS2), Raw Shooter Essentials, and the RAW convertor with ZoombrowserEX. They each have their strengths, but also weaknesses. Is there a perfect RAW convertor/browser out there?


+ The plethora of options to adjust colour are vast in number and seem to provide the best for processing photos.

  • You have to use Bridge to browse files for editing (you could use the XP RAW viewer plugin, but that is a bunch of cack all things considered), then launch them into the Adobe RAW program itself which has, in turn, to launch CS2 first.

  • This is a really slow and cumbersome bunch of programs that even my PC (which I consider to be a 'beast') has slow down problems with.

  • Bridge is a poor browser compared to RSE and ZoomBrowser.

+ RSE is a great little program that performs quickly.

+ I like the way browsing photos and adjusting them is all self contained in one little package, unlike Adobe RAW+Bridge+CS2.

  • However the colours it uses look way off. I can not get a RAW photo to look the same with RSE that I can with Adobe RAW (both are using sRGB btw).

  • It has far less colour altering options than Adobe RAW.

+ I like the way Zoom Browser works for browsing through photos.

  • The RAW plug in is lacking in a vast amount of colour altering options compared to Adobe RAW. It has less than RSE too.

  • Zoombrowser doesn't show adjustments made to RAW files in it's browser. What's the point in that?! You can't see what changes you've made.

  • Zoombrowser installs a lot of rubbish along with the main program which is really annoying.

My enthusiasm has become stunted because of the amount of time I have to spend with any of these annoying programs because they are all in a way nobbled by one thing or another.

Can anyone suggest a better RAW convertor which is 'perfect', or put me right about my observations about the above programs?

Should I erase my memory and stick with jpg?

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