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Hey Trish, on the Sekonic + D70

Do you do any exposure adjustments to your D70 + Sekonic 358 + AB
flash unit? Or does your setup work?

Hey Trish,

Hmmm, that is a little puzzling, considering the ambient metering is fine.

The one thing that comes to mind is that the ambient light exposure may fall within a range that isn't revealing a difference in calibration.

It is quite possible I don't understand how to use this darned
light meter with a flash. I do find the idea that the shutter
speed doesn't matter a little mystifying.

I didn't understand the shutter speed thing either at first. But as I understand it, the duration of the flash output from the strobes is so very short and also intense, that, when they make up 100% of the exposure, any shutter speed slower than that output burst will be fine. Does that make sense?

Without involving the electronic shutter at higher speeds, anything under 1/500 is fine with the D70.

I'd say that the D70 and Sekonic are usually pretty accurate together, but I will try to do a test for you to verify. If anything, I think my particular combination might be biased toward underexposure when using the suggested aperture.

Good luck with the setup, the octabox should work well. Be sure to share some images, too.


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