20D - improved Katz Eye focsuing screen - Part 1/1

Started Aug 13, 2005 | Discussions thread
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Good job!

Hi, Spy,

SPy wrote:

A little bit of trouble getting the clip to reclose and lock in
place - but got there.

That step takes a little getting used to, especially since you can't really see what is happening. Are you using the toothpick maneuver? Some people don't like it.

Its good that you studied the retaining frame adn how it works before proceeding.

When you do yours - be careful and patient. If you get stuck and
your bloodpressure increases - cover the camera with something
clean and dust free, and walk away for a little while. I went on
the net and double checked the design and function of the retaining
clip to make sure I correctly understood the assembly.

That's all good advice.

I always keep a fresh Pec Pad handy to lay over the crater if I have to pause (I didn't mention that in my instructions, but probably should.). (A clean hanky, shaken out before the operation, would probably be fairly safe.)

Conclusion: AWESOME. Hope this helps.

I think you'll find this is a really useful improvement to your camera. It is so nice that these things are finally available to us.

Best regards,


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