20D - improved Katz Eye focsuing screen - Part 1/1

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Although I've also been a bit concerned about

the seeming advertising nature of some of these threads, I have benefitted from all of them.

As a prospective buyer of one or more of these screens, I've followed all of these discussions and have benefitted from the posts of users and the sellers alike. It's all been very good information and I would not have seen it had it not been posted here.

So, I can see both sides of this issue. On the one hand, we're really verging on advertising in some of the posts. On the other, this is a forum for discussing these cameras, and this forum tends to deal with technical issues related to them. These threads have, for the most part, been quite technical in nature with the discussions talking about installation issues, focusing with one versus the other, metering issues, etc.

And then, someone will pop in and ask "How do I get one of these" and that question gets answered too.

It's a tough call, but I know that as someone who's wanted such a screen for a long time, I really have learned a lot about the devices from these threads, and to me that's made it worthwhile having these threads show up in this forum.

The only difference between these threads and the usual (and clearly acceptable) ones has been the participation of the sellers themselves. And I, for one, have benefitted from this participation. I do see representatives of certain other sellers (such as B&H) occasionally participating here, and I also find that to be useful.

I'd actually like it if some technical rep(s) of Canon would also participate. That might be interpreted as advertising, but then again it would also be informative.

It's a fine line, to me, as to whether or not this is all really approrpriate, but for now, I've been very happy about what I've read from all of the suppliers of these aftermarket screens.

Still, I have no doubt whatsoever that these threads end up benefitting these various suppliers because of their publicity (advertising) value. I woudn't have known about the three main suppliers of these screens had it not been for these threads. I have no doubt that all three suppliers will gain sales from these threads.

But then Canon and the other major manufacturers must sell tons of stuff based on the threads here. How many times does someone ask about "What lens should I get for this or that" or "What flash do you recommend", etc. I read through here daily and see people post photos taken with, for example, a 100-400 L, and I say to myself "Gee, I really want that lens!". How do I know that post wasn't sent in by a Canon sales person? I don't.

So I'm really of the opinion that these focus screen threads are very helpful and appropriate, even if they do serve to sell product for the various suppliers.

Tough call, folks.

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Jim H.

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