20D - improved Katz Eye focsuing screen - Part 1/1

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Re: Doesn't it cost $150?

Rob13 wrote:

I've purchased the Haoda screen and am quite satisfied.

The Haoda screen operates the same as the older film SLR lens which
means at 5.6 the usability of the split screen starts to

While it would be nice for it to function beyond 5.6, it does cost
less than $80 compared to $150 for the higher tech Katz new screen.

I personally can't see shelling out so much money, when alll of my
lens (other than the 17-85 IS) are less than or equal to F4. In
these situations, teh Haoda screen is great.

I guess each person has to decide how much those extra stops are

I totally agree with you....each person does need to decide for themself.

I have a lot of lenses that are f2.8 and below, where the older screens would not have any problems. However, my favorite traveling lenses are the 17-85 IS and 70-300 DO IS. Both these, at full zoom, go up to f5.6. I really do not want to have, as you say, "...usability of the split screen starts to deteriorate..."

In fact, sometimes I like to add the Kenko 1.4x to the 70-300 which takes the effective max. aperature to f8.0 when extended....which while the Kenko tricks the 20D to still think it is 5.6, so AF sorta works...it is not real fast or accurate.....this is where I could really use the split screen. I have not used Hoada's screen, but if what you say is true, I could not use my lens in this manner with it. Though I do not have any non-AF lenses, I believe that this would also be true for them if you wanted to focus with apertures at or above 5.6.

Each of us assign different values to things. In my view, the added advantage of the Katz Eye Plus is worth the small difference...to be able to use all of my gear easily....but, again, that is a decision each of us must make.


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