Any G3 PB 250 MHz users out there?

Started Aug 28, 2001 | Discussions thread
Zack Arias
OP Zack Arias Senior Member • Posts: 1,117
Thanks to all! Info is great! (NT)

Zack Arias wrote:

Hi all,
I may have a chance to pick up a G3 250 PowerBook really cheap and
I can't find the stats on it anywhere. It's one of those deals
where a friend has a friend selling it and is going to bring it by
if I'm interested and I may be interested if I can get any more
info on it.

Just wondering if that model has 2 PCMCIA slots, ethernet, and USB.
My friend only knows that it is a G3 250 running OS 9. I'm just
wanting it for storage on the road for the most part (PS 6.0 work)
and an email computer for my wife.

I don't want to have her go through the trouble of picking it up
and bringing it over if it doesn't have some modern day I/O.

Can I upgrade the CPU on these machines?

Zack Arias

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