CD/DVD Durability

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CD/DVD Durability

One more article from the September issue of Pop Photo entitled, "The Truth About Disc Rot."

In summary, the writer, David Busch, a photojournalist and author, wrote that the National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST), "...which tests products for the likes of the Library of Congress, has said that current CD/DVD technology is suitable for archiving data, including images, for '10s of years' and perhaps as long as the 50 to 100 years that some manufacturers claim for product longevity."

He thinks that CDs may have a slightly longer life-span than DVDs, and does not recommend the use of re-recordable discs as their live span is likely to be shorter.
Some of his other recommendations:

1) Don't flex or bend discs when removing them from cases. (Can cause small cracks.)
2) Store discs vertically in a cool, dry place.

3) Never use a solvent-based marking pen in the data area. Write only on the central hub area if necessary. (Oh-oh, I am in trouble.)
4) Use premium, scratch-resistant discs.

5) Make copies of your photo discs and store at least one copy off-site.

These comments generally concur with what has been posted previously on this forum. I recall that the feeling in this forum is that if you store your images on a large HD, then migrate them successively to ever larger and newer HDs over time, along with burning them to discs, that you probably have the best storage solution.
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