help me chosse out of these printers

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help me chosse out of these printers

OK, I have searched through 20 pages of these printers forums, and probably more confused now

Wife wants a photo printer (I'm of the mind set why, just send them to an online place, but that's another story)

So, she REALLY wants a wide format printer so she can print on her 12*12 card stock for scrapbooking. Well I'm not sure the double price can be justified, but again, maybe that's just me.

So, Is the QUALITY of pics from a wide format printer better then a standard? or the same, just bigger prints?

Here are 3 wide format printers I'm looking at:
Epson R1800
Canon i9900
HP 8750

Here are the 3 standard printers I'm looking at (and feel much more comfortable spending)

Epson R320
Cannon ip4000
HP 8250

Now, I want nice prints, these will be used in lifelong scrapbooks using archival papers, acid free everything, so I don't think durability will be a problem with any of these printers, but we want very good photos.

Sizes will mostly be 5*7 and 8*10
60% of pics will be matte / 40% glossy

Computer this will be hooked up to does not have USB2 only 1.1, I assume that just means pics will take a tad longer to print (if no actual printer port exists on the printer)

Altjough my wife is learning to use photoshop (just barley) I'd like some easy solutions to great printing, I do not think she will be happy going through a 20 step process (and not sure I want to either for the amount of pages she does

Let me know if you need any more info.


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