EVF Means Death of Digital SLR

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EVF Means Death of Digital SLR

Sony's introduction of the DSC F707 with its high quality
electronic viewfinder and Zeiss optics is the harbinger of
the future of semipro digital cameras. Most us
including myself take it for granted that the reasonable,
semipro digital camera we're impatiently awaiting will have a
pentaprism and lens mount accepting
all those expensive lenses we already own.
I think we can forget about pentaprisms, high
production costs will knock them out of the game
and high quality EVF's will replace them.
This leaves the problem of our big SLR lenses requiring
special mounts and big, expensive imagers. This is the
dilemma facing camera manufacturers who have an
installed base of dedicated lense users. Here, Sony can do an end run
around this competition. Without the worry of alienating a base
of loyal lens users, Sony can strike out in a new direction defining
the the future of digital imaging: This is high quality Zeiss optics
coupled with small, dense, low noise imaging chips and
high quality electronic viewfinders.
I have a hunch it's easier and more cost effective to
control the noise of small, dense chips than it is
retrofit our classic SLR's with enormous imagers
having high production failure rates.
Allow me to share what I would really like to see.
It's not a digital SLR, rather it's a digital Leica M6
accepting all those wonderful Leica lenses and using
a viewfinder switchable between a EVF and the traditional
Leica rangefinder. This would be digital heaven!

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