stars / night shot

Started Aug 8, 2005 | Discussions thread
RickS Veteran Member • Posts: 4,579
White balance?


Have you considered trying different white balance settings?

While we can't say what the exact colors are in your star field photos, but they have a noticeable brown cast to them, which is a bit shifted.

I made a quick WB adjustment to a couple of them and it brought them into a more "normal" appearance. It doesn't necessarily make them accurate in that respect, but maybe little moreso. After the adjustment they do look brighter and a little more like published photos.

Your pictures are quite good and I enjoyed them.

Isn't it nice that digital photography has made this a much less tedious persuit? I well remember, by comparison, the large amount of work that was required to get any kind of decent images on 35mm film 30-35 years ago.


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