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Started Aug 8, 2005 | Discussions thread
chris gunn
chris gunn Veteran Member • Posts: 8,613
Actuall, the other pic has it too.

Ben78 wrote:

This image is probably one of my favoured star images I have taken
so far. This was with the 50mm FA at f1.4, ISO800 and 20 second

I don't know if it is the lens or the camera but take a look at
this shot - This gives me the heeby jeebys - I have no idea what is
causing this green vignetting, The lens (FA50 again) does not
exhibit vignetting anywhere else... FA50 f1.4 ISO3200 and 30 seconds

There is green on the top left corner of the first shot as well, if
you look.

I tried one of my 50mm lenses the other day, I got the same lens coma
as you at f1.7

I wonder what is a better lens around this FL for astrophotography.

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