paper for B&W prints

Started Aug 4, 2005 | Discussions thread
Cotswold Ken Junior Member • Posts: 48
Re: paper for B&W prints

I've used Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl and think that it's a good choice with K3 inks. However I prefer ICI Olmec260gm heavyweight satin, as it's a whiter paper, and I think easier to obtain an absolutely neutral print.

If you make a comparision between the two before printing, the Ilford has a slight yellow/cream appearance in comparison to the Olmec's cleaner white.

I get the Olmec from MX2 at very good prices.

I got a custom ICC profile for my 4800 made by the Dot Foundry, which is a significant improvement on the canned epson profiles.

Good luck with your 2400, sure you'll be very impressed with it!


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