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Due to mosquitos, humidity, and just downright low-tolerance for general summer conditions (bad seeing if it's not cloudy) I don't do much astrophotography in June or July. I went out the other night because it was exceptionally clear and because of the heat just couldn't stand it. By the time I came back inside, the camera was covered in dew and I had to take a bath in Benedryl.

So, this is from April:
Sigma 70-300mm @ 300mm 800ISO 68sec F4

This was piggy-backed on a telescope using a Losmandy GM8 mount with an equatorial drive. I couldn't see anything in Orion in the viewfinder, so I prefocused on Sirius before I swung the scope over to Orion.

Just get the camera lens pointed in the general area of what you want to photograph for wide field shots and as long as the lens is focused (which is admittedly the hard part) you should pick up something.

I've got one of the Beehive cluster that I'm uploading (just hadn't gotten around to putting it on Smugmug yet). I'll post it when it's done.

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