Resolution & ISO Question?

Started Aug 7, 2005 | Discussions thread
tkz4 Senior Member • Posts: 1,529
I agree 100%

LOL about the ISO standardization point...

I think your post and my initial post ( ) say essentially the same thing (we even used the same link to the G6 review.) I do agree that ISO Should be standardized, I was just making the point that in reality it vatries from company to company and even from model to model.

We also both pointed out that the S2 IS doesn't seem to have the same conservative ISO values as other canon cams. I think this is to mask the inherant noiseness of such a small, dense sensor.

It has been ponted out by a S1/S2 owner that their S1's ISO 50 is at least 1/2 stop faster than their S2's.

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