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it's bad all over

As late as 1999, it was often the same in the U.S., too, and the U.S. is by far the largest single-country photographic market in the world. I was a sales rep for Nikon Inc. (USA) then, and, frequently, no one in the U.S. subsidiary was told when particular products would next be shipped from Japan. (There were many exceptions, but often, especially with high-demand allocated products, there was no way to know in advance what was coming.)

In other words, they are not discriminating against Australians; they treat everyone badly.

Obviously, Nikon Japan did not/does not believe that creating a system for reporting this information was/is worth the effort. They may, in fact, believe that such information should not be disclosed to subsidiaries regardless. (I personally think this is the explanation.)

This is just one of the many ways in which Nikon is a frustrating and backward-thinking company.

Photoman wrote:

Does anybody know somebody at Nikon Japan or has come across a
email address (someone mid-high up) that I can send a complaint
regarding getting stock into Australia. The local importer is NEVER
told when stock is coming in, or when something is sent, the don't
tell them what's in the shipment! We are treated like 3rd world
citizens in Australia.

I will get off my soap box now.

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