Viewfinder on DL vs. DS

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Re: Viewfinder on DL vs. DS

Roland Mabo wrote:

Oh, I've had 3 point AF in my Pentax AF SLR's and having 11 point
in my DS is wonderful. I really use all of them. This is not a
"novice vs advanced" thing, I believe everyone can benefit of
having the focus set at the right point and I found it to be easier
to use the 11 point AF than only the centre point and then
re-composing. By the time you re-compose the image, the subject may
be lost. Using the 11 point is simply a matter of pressing the
arrow-dial on the back, the selected AF point is highlighted in the
viewfinder. It's easy to do "on the fly" and I have suceeded in
capturing moving subjects this way.

My sentiments exactly. Multiple AF points are very important to me, and used frequently.
John Power
Racehorse in the Desert

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