Viewfinder on DL vs. DS

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Re: Viewfinder on DL vs. DS

mpixel wrote:

Changing focus points on the *ist DS requires the use of the menu
system (although you can set the centre point to be activated by
the pressing the OK button) so having many more focus points may
not matter anyway. In a fluid situation, by the time you have
selected the exact point that you want your subject may have moved

No, you use the menu system only to switch AF point selection between automatic, manual and centre. When you have set it on manual, it stays there and you don't have to use the menu system again. The only thing you have to do further on is pressing the arrow-button on the back to select AF point. The selected AF point is highlighted in the viewfinder. It's easy to do this "on the fly" and I have suceeded in capturing moving subjects this way. It's faster than locking on centre point and then re-composing.

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