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Re: Viewfinder on DL vs. DS

joroho wrote:

OK, being a newbie to digital SLR photography, I did a 10-day trial
of the DS a couple weeks ago and enjoyed it. Tonight I stopped at
National Camera Exchange and bought a DL for $799. When reading
through this forum for the differences between the two models, I've
noticed a number of comments on the pentaprism (DS) vs. the
pentamirror (DL) viewfinders.

This may not matter so much except for the size of the viewfinder. The pentamirror in the DL will probably be brighter than the pentaprism in the DS. When I tested the Canon 350D a little while ago I found it easier to manually focus than the D/DS and that the viewfinder was brighter than the D/DS and the 350D has a similar viewfinder to the DL.

In truth you probably won't notice the difference after you start using the camera. I know I didn't when I owned a Canon 300D for a few days.

For a novice like me, would it
really make that much of a difference? Same question with the
fewer number of AF points (11 vs. 3).

This does make a difference to your focussing options. I like to use the focus point closest to the part of the subject that I am focussing on for accurate focussing especially when using a large aperture, however I have a Canon film camera with only three focus points and I don't have any trouble making that work.

I think that what you may miss most here, and what I am surprised that Pentax removed, is be the ability to select which of the three focus points you use other than the centre point. Being able to select one of the other two points would allow you to select to focus on the eyes of a person when holding the camera in portrait mode.

However for a novice this may not matter so much. When I came to buy my current camera it was crucial for me to have the ability to easily switch focus modes and to easily select focus points within a fraction of a second so I bought the *ist D.

Changing focus points on the *ist DS requires the use of the menu system (although you can set the centre point to be activated by the pressing the OK button) so having many more focus points may not matter anyway. In a fluid situation, by the time you have selected the exact point that you want your subject may have moved on.

Am I going to miss the lack of high-speed flash syncing if I don't
even know what it is?

I think that perhaps the DL DOES have high-speed flash sync.

Could you please have a look at pages 153, 155, 156, 183 and 192 in the manual and let us know if it does have it. Thanks.

I really liked the larger LCD screen on the DL and the zoom feature
when reviewing photos seemed to work much faster than on the DS

If this is important for you then it is another reason to keep the DL.

Is there a way to turn off the auto-ISO feature so I can manually
override this?

I believe so. See page 115 of the manual.

I'm now tempted to return the DL and get a DS from Butterfly for $659.

Only you can decide if that is the right thing to do for you but I think that perhaps we on this forum need to re-evaluate the DL.

Your insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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