Official announcement by Kodak......Finally.

Started Aug 2, 2005 | Discussions thread
Ed Jay Senior Member • Posts: 1,624
Re: Your all gonna hate me.

Thanks for responding to this forum. Your comment that Kodak has to have representation in the higher end digicam market makes sense, else it would be conspicuous in its absence. Though it is not the groundbreaking camera which I thought the 6490/7590 are, and I purchased both right after they came out, in order for Kodak to be in the top 4 of camera sales, it needed to react. Kind of like all the car mfrs offering employee discount pricing after GM started it.

I do hope that Kodak will surprise the market soon with a digicam which will leapfrog what is out there. I still think there is room for growth in the prosumer market. The dslr market is becoming crowded, with Sony joint venturing with KM? to develop future dslrs, the prosumer market is still available for the mfr that has the proper balance b/w features and pricing and marketing.

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