Viewfinder on DL vs. DS

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Re: Viewfinder on DL vs. DS


I've noticed a number of comments on the pentaprism (DS) vs. the
pentamirror (DL) viewfinders. For a novice like me, would it
really make that much of a difference?

You've looked through both, which do you prefer?

Same question with the fewer number of AF points (11 vs. 3).

I don't use this AF mode, I have used the centre-point focus since I bought my camera. The eleven points may make a difference if that's what you're gonna be using

Am I going to miss the lack of high-speed flash syncing if I don't
even know what it is?

If you plan on doing some serious flash work then yes, you may miss it

I really liked the larger LCD screen on the DL and the zoom feature
when reviewing photos seemed to work much faster than on the DS

I thought the size of the new DL LCD screen was HUGE, crickey you could use it to watch the game on Saturday. If you prefer the DL LCD and related zoom feature then stick with it.

Is there a way to turn off the auto-ISO feature so I can manually
override this?

I would imagine there is, I'm not too familiar with either the DS or DL but would imagine you can change the ISO manually somewhere, have you looked through the menu and on the dial?

You tried both cameras, if you're just a novice then maybe the DL will be enough for the next couple years. I would think that either the DL or DS would more than suite your needs, IMO.

Good luck with your descision making.


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