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Re: Viewfinder on DL vs. DS

joroho wrote:

OK, being a newbie to digital SLR photography, I did a 10-day trial
of the DS a couple weeks ago and enjoyed it. Tonight I stopped at
National Camera Exchange and bought a DL for $799. When reading
through this forum for the differences between the two models, I've
noticed a number of comments on the pentaprism (DS) vs. the
pentamirror (DL) viewfinders. For a novice like me, would it
really make that much of a difference? Same question with the
fewer number of AF points (11 vs. 3).

The pentamirror is cheaper, lighter (weight) than the pentaprism. The quality of the pentaprism is better. Thats just for viewing what You are going to shoot. The DL viewfinder is also smaller than the DS. That is probably a bigger difference than the pentaprism/mirror one. One thing I didnt read, but notice when comparing both cameras, the DL viewfinder seems more neutral colored while the DS seemed more yellowish.

The difference between 11 to 3 AF points will make autofocusing faster but not so accurate, I imagine.

Am I going to miss the lack of high-speed flash syncing if I don't
even know what it is?

I really liked the larger LCD screen on the DL and the zoom feature
when reviewing photos seemed to work much faster than on the DS

I also loved the bigger LCD screen.

Is there a way to turn off the auto-ISO feature so I can manually
override this?

Probably, check the menus and read your manual.

I'm now tempted to return the DL and get a DS from Butterfly for $659.

There's not many advantages in the DL than the bigger LCD in my opinion. Id get the DS.

Your insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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