Official announcement by Kodak......Finally.

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for Mike

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your reply to my thread, believe me understand what you mean when you mention Retail, I also worked in camera retail up until April last year, we sure live in a Dog eats Dog world.

Regardless of my remarks re the P880 I still hope Kodak do well with it, for me I think the focal length is a winner I also like the Manual Focus, just not enough to swing me off my DX7590s.

I have to say I think Kodak hit the Jackpot with the DX7590, I find 5mp quite adequate for A4 prints and Monitor Slide Shows, I have also grown used to the 10X zoom, something I would never have used in all the years I used 35mm SLRs, like most standard lens equipment used to be a 50mm prime, 28-80 and 80-200 Zooms.

God Bless
DX7590 X 2 EOS500s 35mm X 2

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