Official announcement by Kodak......Finally.

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Re: Dave

No Dave....I really don't want to take a step backwards.

I really love the Rebel XT. But with the little DX7590 sitting here beside it, I tend to grab the small DX7590 as I run out the door most of the time. (Except when I know that I will be taking photos inside without a flash, or outside at night time. Then I always make sure to bring along the Rebel XT.)

You are correct about the Viewfinder of the DSLR compared to the DX (or probably most prosumers.) No comparison!

Maybe I need to sell the DX7590, so I can use the Rebel XT all the time. I am sure my photography skills would improve at a faster pace, going that route.

I guess that I don't really know what I want to do. I like the convenience of the 1 lens, high zoom camera. But really like the photo quality, and speed of the camera, that I get from the DSLR.

I'll probably just wait and observe the new prosumer market for a while. (And hang onto the DSLR! And use it and learn with it.)

Maybe these new Prosumer models that a lot of manufacturers are coming out with now, will help to drop the prices on DSLR's a little faster. That can be a good thing.

OldShutterbug wrote:

Are you sure you want to take a backward step and get rid of a DSLR
for a Prosumer, go back to an EVF after viewing through a real
Viewfinder ?.

If you do let me know I will save you the trouble of going on ebay,
your EOS350 would look real nice in my camera case.

Sorry Mate, I am still a Kodak Fan but not to that extent, I want
to move forwards, a Canon DSLR will be my next purchase, the prices
are coming down like crazy on DSLRs at the moment.

Using Kodaks for about 4 years while waiting for DSLRs to drop in
price has been a great learning curve, I am not that Brand
Patriotic that I would wait for Kodak to bring out a DSLR, why they
brought these two new beasts out is beyond me, why didnt they go
the whole hog and design a DSLR.

Have to say I still have two DX7590s that I love using, when I get
sick of them it will be time to get a DSLR.

God Bless
DX7590 X 2 EOS500s 35mm X 2

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