S50/S60/S70 - scratch resistance, dynamic range?

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Re: S50/S60/S70 - scratch resistance, dynamic range?

Actinide wrote:

Still not convinced about the S70 (we would need a new computer to
handle the 7 megapixel images), but I can't find any confmation
that (resolution aside) the S60 is as good.

I don't think the S60 is quite as good - as evidenced by the conclusions of the S70 review -

QUOTE: At the end of the day, however, if image quality, build and manual control are your chief priorities (and especially if you mainly shoot scenery), the PowerShot S70 must sit near the top of your shopping list - it's well priced, a pleasure to use in all but the lowest light and it delivers results most 8MP cameras would be proud of, and represents a much more significant upgrade to the hugely popular S50 than the S60. UNQUOTE

The 7mp images regradless of JPG compression expand to about 21Mb size in an image editor. I use both PhotoImpact and PS Elements 2, those editors can cope relatively easily with about 4 simulateously opened images. My PC is relatively old Windows Me - 633MHz, 192Mb RAM 20Gb HD - if your PC is better than that then I don't think you'll have that much problems - especially if you have one that's better than the requirements for PS Elements 3.......

I like the Canon S70 a lot so I'm somewhat "biassed" - please see this long thread: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1010&message=14084087

or similar but somewhat more comprehensive and detailed thread:

and specifically on any future "upgrade" to the Dig!c II processor -


Hope some of that helps

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