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Re: Other Digic II benefits

JoeSal wrote:

" Compared to its predecessor, the DIGIC II achieves
and, perhaps most importantly, superior image
quality. "

I hope that is the case - but
(1) image quality is in the eyes of the beholder.

(2) the evidence so far of the Dig!c II processor based Canons have NOT elicited comments about improved image quality in the posted reviews here on dpReview, in fact let's compare directly -
Dig!c II based 7mp Canon SD500

QUOTE: It's not without reason that the IXUS/Elph range has proved so popular; the combination of size, design and materials, performance and decent image quality is a compelling one. The SD500 is no exception; it's fast, easy to use and capable of producing first-class results in the right situations - and it has all the hallmarks of a design classic. But it's not a camera without problems. Some, such as the rather erratic behavior of the AiAF 'intelligent' focus system, can be easily overcome (switch to center focus), others, such as the SD500's tendency to miss fine low-contrast detail, will only really cause you a problem if you're printing at sizes over about 8x10 inches. UNQUOTE

with the closest but much older 7mp Canon S70

QUOTE: Our first experience of Sony's new 7.1MP chip, as seen in the Cyber-shot P150, was overwhelmingly positive. Not only does it outperform the 5MP sensor it replaces (the 6MP version never really made an impact on compact cameras) in resolution terms, it also seems to control noise more efficiently. Perhaps this is because with such large files noise reduction can be a little more aggressive, perhaps it's simply a less noisy chip. Even more impressive is the new sensor's ability - when used with an accurate exposure system - to preserve detail in both highlight and shadow areas of even the brightest, most contrasty scenes.

At the end of the day, however, if image quality, build and manual control are your chief priorities (and especially if you mainly shoot scenery), the PowerShot S70 must sit near the top of your shopping list - it's well priced, a pleasure to use in all but the lowest light and it delivers results most 8MP cameras would be proud of, and represents a much more significant upgrade to the hugely popular S50 than the S60. UNQUOTE

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