Perceptual v. Relative Colorimetric?

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Re: Perceptual v. Relative Colorimetric?

I disagree with Mike's opinion on Absolute Colorimetry.

He is correct that Absolute Colorimetry doesn't adapt to paper white. When you print and display with white borders Relative Colorimetry (or perceptual) should be used. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO BORDERLESS PRINTS. If you display borderless prints, there is no intrinsic paper white. Even worse, if you display prints with differing paper whites but that are printed (or matted) borderless, you will have differing color casts. As for metameric effect of different illuminants, this has the same impact on relative, perceptual and absolute intents. The idea that there is something special about absolute intent is nonsense.

One caveat. Absolute intent has one (big) drawback. It doesn't handle tone (that is compress or scale) at the black point/white point ends. This can make matte prints (low D) ugly in shadows and blow out highlights (above Lab95 ish) unless these are manually scaled in PS. Fortunately, this is easy to do, dims the print like relative intent, but without the paper's white point color cast.

notko wrote:

Mike Chaney's opinion here


Absolute Colorimetric Intent: Absolute colorimetric tries to reproduce the exact colors recorded in the original scene. Sounds even better than relative colorimetric until you realize that absolute colorimetric intent reproduces these colors with no regard (no adaption) for the illuminant or light source. Simply put, using absolute colorimetric intent will usually result in awful color shifts because our eyes will try to adapt to the illuminant (white of the paper, color temperature of the monitor, etc.) and the same color may look different under different lighting. As such, absolute colorimetric is used mainly for reproduction of specific colors like reproductions of fabric or logo colors.

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