A510 vs A520 - Little Difference in $$$

Started Jul 28, 2005 | Discussions thread
gigatech2005 New Member • Posts: 11
Re: A510 vs A520 - Little Difference in $$$

Hi! again,

I thougt u own an a510......ur a95 is a SUPER model. i thought of pruchasing that...but unfortunately it was priced tooo high to market these lower end new models.

Wht was the price of ur a95 when u bought it?

Also, one thing is common for a95, a510 and the a520....that is the burnt out highlights!...that is highlit areas are over exposed sometimes. Do u know a way to overcome this? My friend suggested that keepin an higher F number wud reduce this....but 'ven't tried it out!

Thanks in advance!


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