I WANT a BIGGER viewfinder!

Started Jul 26, 2005 | Discussions thread
Stefan Klein Contributing Member • Posts: 849
Re: All of us, ay! (nt)

Today I tried a friends D2X (Factor 1,5 as far as I know). The viewfiner is even bigger than
my 1D MK 2's (although it has factor 1,3).

And now the real surprise. Today he got a new accesory from Nikon. It's a viewfinder add on lens.

If you take off the normal viewfinder lens and put on this special one ( for about 35 €), the viewfinder gets

even bigger and is still very bright! I'd say it's about the size of a 1Ds or analog camera now!

That's a real surprise. There's really nothing special about this thing, I guess it's only 2 lenses and it doesn´t

even cost much, but it really solves the "small viewfinder problem". I was totally blown away.

Why isn't there such a thing from Canon and why did it take Nikon so many years to offer
this great accessory?

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