Z3 - the highs and the lows - the tears and the laughter...

Started Sep 24, 2004 | Discussions thread
Nols Senior Member • Posts: 2,997
Charge to experience!

Sorry to hear about your histrory with the Z3. Never had any problems with mine except for the occassional lockup and quircky white balance. I bought the Z3 precisely because of the manual shoot mode option and have never thus far shot in auto or any of the preset scene modes. If I wanted semi-auto, I'll just use P-mode.

Like any digiciam, the Z3 has it's own "performance envelope". I guess you just have to learn how to work within it's limitations. It's still has the best bang for buck for a 4mp camera IMO.

I've since outgrown the Z3 and moved up to a Pentax *istDs but I still make use of the Z3 for macros and moon pics.


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