Help With FAQ Part 1

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Help With FAQ Part 1

Over the last few months/years I've collected a whole bunch on info from all of you and I'm wondering if any of you could correct any mistakes or add anything. This info is just to set the initial settings more than anything. I am, however a little confused about Manual Lens camera use so if you could all look at thatt particularly I'd be grateful.
Thank you.............Chris
DS Setup
In the[Rec. Mode] menu

  • Set [Image Tone] to Natural

  • Set [Saturation] to 0

  • Set [Sharpness] to +1

  • Set [Contrast] to 0

  • Set [Instant Review] to 1 Sec.

In the [Playback] menu
Set [Hot spot wrnng] to Instant Review

In the [Set-up] menu
Set [Beep] to OFF
Set [World Time] to OFF
Set [Guide display] to OFF
Set [Brightness Level] to low or medium to show true saturation and exposure
Set [Auto Power Off] to 1 min.
Set [File #] to SerialNo

In the [Custom] menu
Set [Settings] to ON
Set [Noise Reduction] to OFF
Set [Expsr Setting Steps] to 1/3
Set [ISO Snstvty Wrn Dspl] to ISO 400
Set [Link AF Point and AE] to ON
Set [Mag to Strt Zm Plybk] to 4 times.
Set [Man. WB Measurement] to Spot
Set [Color Space] to AdobeRGB.

Set [Using aperture ring] to ON for K lenses - does not affect A position lenses.

Turn Flash Off
Set Flash To Manual:

  • Fn button


  • Use LEFT/RIGHT ARROW to select flash mode.

  • OK~OK

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