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thx1138 wrote:

ljfinger wrote:

thx1138 wrote:

Ultimate tweener specs:

1.3x crop sensor
5fps 12 RAW, 25 JPG

Memory is cheap. Let's go 20 RAW.

This was for tweener. I didn't want to step on 1D2 toes.

You did that well by staying below 8fps.

ISO 50-3200, same noise as 1D2

Or better would be nice at high ISO (can't have too much of that).
At low ISO, it would likely be slightly worse.

Again they need to keep something in reserve for 1Dx. 12.5MP with
the same nose as 1D2 is an achievement in itself.

True but I'm greedy on this one!

11pt AF, with 9 x-type sensors, all active to f/4 except central
one which is active to f/5.6

I want at least one AF point active until f8 (400/5.6L + 1.4, for

Although it's x-type to f/5.6 that is still one stop better than
current 1Dx, and could possibly allow AF to f/11.

I see what you meant here. Cross type to f5.6 doesn't mean it's not a single until f8.

AF performs from EV -1.5 to 20
New body design, weighing 1kg, which includes integrated grip with
high performance Li Ion battery - > 2000 shots per charge.

I'd scrap the integrated grip for smaller size. The 10D is the
perfect size for me. BP-511s seem fine to me, but the power
consumption of the Rebel XT is astonishingly low. Add an OLED
instead of an LCD and it would be even better.

To me the integrated grip is a must for sealing purposes. Camera is
still smaller and lighter than 1Dx.

I supposed. I don't like portrait grips. I don't like to have to let go to get into position and re-find all the controls.

Semi sealed
2.5" LCD with 300kp resolution

How about a 2.5" OLED? They're available now and have better
resolution and visibility in bright light.

Good point. As long as it's 2.5"

Joystick AF point selector and menu item selector.
Dedicated MLU button
98% viewfinder coverage
Viewfinder displays metering pattern, ISO, shots remaining
EC -5 to +5
New 200 zone evaluative metering pattern

Why not go even more than that? Nikon uses 1005, right?

Canon is smarter than Nikon and doesn't need theother 805 : )

Oy. Let's not start that one!

25 CFs
SD card only, supporting 133x format.

That's a killer. I HATE SD cards. They're easy to drop, hard to
change with gloves on, and hard to change in the dark.

That's the future whether we like it or not.

You're depressing me.

I'd add one more thing relative to the 20D. Separate EL and FEL
buttons would be great so you could do both in the same image.

Oh, and I still want the built in flash. It would be really,
really nice if you could use it as the master in a multi-flash
configuration like the Nikons can.

Built in flash is nice but it means much smaller pentaprism. I'd
rather have the big bright viewfinder like my EOS 3 had.

I don't think that much matters (a little). The EOS 3 was full frame (duh) and that's the main reason for a big bright viewfinder. The big problem is keeping it sealed, I think.

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