Need help ~ considering an S70

Started Jul 25, 2005 | Discussions thread
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Re: Need help ~ considering an S70

Sam Jessop wrote:

My S70 focusses alot faster than I could with my SLR...


Most modern AF digicams can focus faster than any manual focussing on SLRs or rangefinders.

Yet there were plenty of legendary sports/action pro-photographers - pre-AF cameras....How did they do it?

They pre-focussed and waited for the moment - hardly ever were shots grab/snap shots - this is good lesson to learn.

The S70 in virtually all my photos is more than fast enough in its focus speed.

So even though the faster Dig!c II processor would have been nice - it probably would not make that much practical difference to my shots......and I do a LOT of photography at low light levels - please see the links in my sig.

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