Reliability of the Morris Wireless Radio Trigger Kit

Started Jun 23, 2005 | Discussions thread
kcorkum Forum Member • Posts: 58
not too bad

I was told by the store to replace the batteries right away. Also I found it only fired off about 70% of the time. After some troubleshooting I read that it needs true 1.5, not rechargeables. That increased my firing to 90%-95% which is more than acceptable considering the cost and my flashes. If I want to spend 2-3 X for the PW I would in a second if I needed to depend on them. A colleague remotely flashes 2 strobes with BMXers or snowboarders do a jump. Obviously the cost of a missed flash is much higher for him, than for my intermediate portraiture.

At least I'm not tripping over cable anymore!

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