KM+sony dslr....?????? 3 questions....

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Cashing with film models reputation

Klipsen wrote:

Marko Björkroth wrote:

Cheaper bodies use the built-in flash as AF illuminator.

Like the Dynax 7D?

This is only my personal opinion, but a more truthful name for this camera would have been 6D. The (film) Maxxum/Dynax 7 is a very good camera and it's obvious the marketroids wanted to exploit this name. Unfortunately, there's been some cost cutting measures here and there... As a result, the camera does not live up to 7-series standards.

It surely LOOKS like the (film) 7, but the guts, such as the shutter mechanism, seem to come from lower class models (Maxxum/Dynax 5, 60 etc.). An even more important omission than the lack of AF illuminatior is the lack of dual AF sensors at the centre. The (film) 7 is equipped with additional high-precision AF sensors for fast (f/2.8 or better) lenses.

Due to these downgrades, the price/performance ratio was, IMHO, poor in the beginning, but has improved a lot lately due to price cuts.


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