It's Official -- Film is dead

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Re: This is nausiating...

Its really sad that people are so insecure that the feel the need to "lash out" at the competition whenever given a chance - whether it be film, nikon cameras, or whatever.
This is one very true observation.

ALso true that it is generally those who are focussed on digital technology more than on their own photography. True photographers just use what works for them, could be a NIkon, Pentax, Canon or MF film camera.

Very true observation Bernie. At the risk of opening up another debate, these type of "wars" seem to be the product of the highly focussed competitive male mentality (although I'm sure some females are capable of this also.)

I work in music retail. My friend Charlie, a classical music buff, thinks it hilarious that in the online message boards he frequents, there are always a group of individuals who resort to insulting each other because "He thinks Mozart is better than Beethoven, and any fool can see that is Beethoven is better than Mozart". I made that quote up, but it well represents the mentality of some individuals. We find it hilarious, because to us, all music lovers should be able to find common ground and celebrate their common love for music. Much of the time we do, but we also find ways to be divisive. It's the same thing going on with probably every other area of pursuit. You can view it as sad, but I do enjoy reading the message threads!

I like reading these kind of threads. They are a source of great amusement for me. In the meantime, I'm trying to take pictures that make people go "Wow". I happen to be doing it with digital, but you can bet that if I needed a huge enlargement with stunning detail and beautiful tonality, I'd use medium or large format.

C'mon people. It's all about the pictures.

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'Cinema is a matter of what's in the frame and what's out' (Martin Scorsese)

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