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The Process...

To get this final print, I did my usual post-processing in NC and PSCS2 and saved the file in 16bit tif format. To enlarge, I used Genuine Fractal Pro (which is my favorite program for interpelation but at times, though rarely, I also use Fred Miranda's PS action). My final (upsized/interpelated) file was saved in 250 DPI tif 16bit at which time the file size was around 300 mb. Then I opened this file using Photoshop and applied smart sharpening (amount-120, radius-1.5) then I converted the file to 8bit which made the size around 150mb (tif). Then I uploaded it to my lab for printing at where they use an Epsilon printer. I could make the file 200 DPI which would make my a file a bit smaller, but my lab supports 250 DPI, so I decided to go with that instead. I specifically demanded that it be printed as-is, and the nice thing is that my lab gives a test strip prior to the actual print job so i can approve of the color and make my suggestions.
Thanks everyone for the acknowledements, you make this all worth while:)

Looks nothing like the original, which is a 6x6 film capture. Colours are > off and there is a lot of detail lacking. Shows up nicely the inferiority of > digital to me. Sorry.

Maybe because it isn't the original...in case you didn't catch that in the heading. I used my Sony F717 to shoot the copy with auto wb, along with an internal flash. I didn't put much effort into it and the purpose of this picture was just to keep a record of the original before I sent it off to its new owner. And trust me...i have printed hundreds of enlargements and I only posted this because I was just shocked to see the quality of the enlargement. And as a final thought in case you didnt catch that either, it's not a film capture, it has been taken with my D70.

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'you don't take a photograph, you make it.' - Ansel Adams

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