S70 - SterlingTEK NB-2LH battery performance

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Re: S70 - SterlingTEK NB-2LH battery performance

mamallama wrote:

Since you're into looking at these clone or third party batteries
closely, I thought you'd be interested in this article:


I've used Sterlingtek batteries with success, but have not looked
too closely at their performance. I think these companies outsource
to the lowest bidders and their quality changes over time.

Yes, thanks mamallama - I've looked at that link when you kindly posted it before.

It's pretty obvious that the 4 SterlingTEK NB-2LH batteries I've used - regardless of whether they're labeled at "1500mAh" or "1200mAh" give me substantially/noticably LESS shooting capacity than my one supplied OEM Canon NB-2LH rated at 720mAh.

Putting so reality into all this - I have been told that the actual cells used in the NB-2LH are none other than the R-CR123 - ie: rechargable CR123 - these are well known and the maximum capacity so far has been more in the area of 750-800mAh - so any ratings above 800mAh are probably NOT realistic........

Then again these SterlingTEKs were only about $14 each shipped so even though they performed at about 25% LESS capacity than the OEM Canon for my usage in the Canon S70 - they are still very good value for money. SterlingTEK's reputation and my dealings with them - gives me some confidence.

BUT in the end regardless of their label and/or advertized ratings - the SterlingTEK NB-2LH give NO where near the expacted from their advertised capacity for my usage - that's the big disappointment.

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