S70 - SterlingTEK NB-2LH battery performance

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S70 - SterlingTEK NB-2LH battery performance

Please see this thread for previous discussion/report on my Canon S70 -


NB-2LH batteries - summary of the number of shots I got using the Canon S70 - from fully charged to depletion/camera power-down -

Supplied OEM Canon NB-2LH rated at 720mAh -
222, 272 shots

previously reported
SterlingTEK "1500mAh" -
returned for replacement due to unsatisfactory capacity -
(#1) 170, 196 shots
(#2) 191, 182 shots

the replacements -
SterlingTEK "1200mAh" -
(#1) 266* , 172 shots
NOT typical of my normal shooting - majority were withOUT flash)
(#2) 207, 190 shots

So in actual usage - even though I am probably not very "consistent" it appears that these latest generic SterlingTEK "1200mAh" NB-2LH batteries did NO better than the "1500mAh" ones I returned for these replacements.

I think I can say these SterlingTEK "1200mAh" batteries probably would last somewhere around 190 shots for my typical usage - whereas the original Canon NB-2LH (rated at 720mAh) probably will manage something in excess of 220 shots per charge.

I'll probably keep these SterlingTEK batteries despite the fact they are NO where near their labelled rating of "1200mAh" - but for the price I paid at about $14 each shipped - they are still good value and the very good service and no hassel exchange from SterlingTEK gives me some confidence should I ever have a problem with these.

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