Card Reader Difficulties

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Re: Card Reader Difficulties

Jeff E wrote:

I just got my 20d yesterday, so I'm still playing around with it
and learning how to use it. I'm using a Sandisk 256mb CF card on my
20d. I can view the images perfectly when I hook up my camera with
the CF card in it to the USB port and use the EOS Viewer Utility to
view my images.
I have a Sandisk CF card reader, which I believe is USB 1.1. I
tried using the card reader to view my images, but all that shows
up in EOS Viewer Utility is a '?' in place of the image.

Try browsing your card reader with something other than the Canon EOS Viewer Utility. You should be able to browse your card reader with explore (it should show up as an additional drive e.g. F or G in when you explore your computer). You should be able to see whats on the card regardless of the format you shot in. If you shot .jpg you should see the list of .jpgs on the card when exploring your card reader. You should be able to double click on a .jpg and it would open in the microsft image viewer (default program). If you have shot in RAW, the files will be .crw or something like that, and when you double click on them you may have a problem viewing them if you have not associated a program to open your RAW files.

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