S70 Low Light Focussing

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S70 Low Light Focussing

I see a lot about the low light focussing difficulties on the S70, and thought I'd bring this to your attention -

I do a LOT of low light photography - please see the links in my sig.

Got my S70 June/7 just under a month and a half ago and I'm already on shot count 3,248.

I would be the first to acknowledge that the S70 would seem to have low light focussing difficulties - because I see it all the time.

The main problem comes I think from the fact that in any of the more manual modes like P, Tv, Av and M the AF is set to spot focus without the option of changing it to the multi-point AiAF as in the more automatic scene modes. At lower light levels the default central single point focus seems to have difficulties locking focus.

I've tediously used the word "seem" because this is significant.

Of all the shots I've examined and proccessed in detail - not a single shot has been OUT of FOCUS - and I have had plenty where the light indicator showed that the S70 was not able to lock focus. (Note: under similar cinditins I know the previous Canon A70 would have definitely produced an out of focus shot)

DON'T ask me how the S70 does it - but I have plenty of shots that I forced the exposure despite indications that the S70 seemed unable to focus - yet they were all in focus. I have seen occassionally the distinct double flash - like the S70 used the first flash to (confirm? or) focus.

I am obviously not particularly "happy" with the fact the S70 would "seem" to have difficulties focussing under low light conditions -

BUT I am more than happy that I have yet to see an out of focus shot.

Although somewhat annoying to see the S70 flashing indicator light warning of focus difficulty - I much prefer this annoyance over my old Canon S100 (the original Digital ELPH) which would seem to lock focus unfailingly (with its bright white focus assist-light) - but just occassionally I would get a grossly out of focus photo.


Please also see this long thread on my Canon S70 with lots of test shots -


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