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Re: DSLR to S2

Thanks, very helpful feedback. I never would see my S2 as pocketable I have a fuji F700 for a carry around cam.

In terms of accessories, I think the Raynox 6600 (0.66 wideangle) would get alot of use given how you are using the camera. It widens the S2 to 24mm, has almost no barrel distortion (so it doesn't need to be post-processed) and has a 58mm thread which could be used in a pinch with many cams, including your dSLR. It only runs about $100. Its only downsides are the image quality may not be good enough for a dSLR- although I find its quality excellent, especially the absence of barrel distortion. Its other issue is that it blocks the pop-up flash, making it somewhat let useful for indoor or low light shots- which otherwise a wide angle adapter is great for. I will pick up a cheap slave flash (vivitar DC200- guide#92, bouncable, $60) if I find the need for wide and flash (like weddings ext).

There is a $40 wide converter, the raynox DCR 730, that doesn't block the flash, but its barrel distortion would require postprocessing to remove (PTL lens, abot 10 seconds.) I wouldn't think you would use the 720 on anything but the S2 or another P&S so for me the 6600 was worth the extra bulk and expense.

I don't want to sink too many resources into the S2, but I think my macro lens and wide adapter will serve me long beyond the S2- even if I get a dSLR. I can show some samples what the 6600 can do if you are interested. i used it to take some pictures of an apartment last night, and the 24mm combined with the IS allowed for great handheld wide angle shots in low ligt without needing a flash.

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