Politics and 'Puters (humor)

Started Jul 14, 2005 | Discussions thread
Mark Smith Veteran Member • Posts: 6,336
PC users Ten Commandments

1. I Shall call my boot disk "C" as that's just the way it is.

2. I shall only view files on Microsoft® formatted partition standards

3. I shall use the poor font selection of Windows to the exclusion of all others (who need Helvetica when you have Arial or Futura when you have comic sans) and shall not use spell-checkers when posting on forums

4. I shall use (tm) instead of ™ and (c) instead of © because the shortcuts are to–"long" and ignore the evil em an en dash by just using double hyphens "--"

5. I shall love the Microsoft™ Windows® search puppy even though he has lost my files

6. I shall look down on anyone sending documents I can't open because they are not supported Windows® file types

7. I shall learn to find the dozens of "free" programs that give me some of the basic functionality Mac users "have out of the box" and shall not view colour profiles on the internet.

8.I shall boast to Mac users how many Office Suites are available on my platform, but only use the same ones they have, made by the one god MS

9. I shall love the wizards "desktop clean-up" and "net passport" and treat their daily appearance with reverence even though I may not need them.

10. I shall upgrade my PC every few months then boast how "cheap" it was to build, and deny the evil god TCO

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