5D has lower vfinder magnification.

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You should take the coverage into account

Formula used :
VF relative size = Magnification / Conv. Factor x H. coverage x V. coverage

Sorted by brand :

Sorted by relative visual VF image size

There's some surprises here : the 3100 € Canon 1D Mk II has in fact a smaller VF than the 780 € Pentax *ist-Ds !

But the VF image size is only one part of a good viewfinder. Precision and brightness are very important parts too. For example the Olympus E-1 VF is visually way better than the 10D / 300D VF. Another example : with the rather poor 92% frame coverage of the Kodak DSLRs you don't see 15% of what you actually frame. If you aren't lucky, this means you will loose 2 Mpixels just because of that.

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